360° Assessment
360 Refined is a complete leadership 360° assessment including emotional intelligence (EQ).
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Features Included

  • Measures 22 Leadership Skills
    Assesses essential leadership skills that get results.

  • Collects Feedback from Every Direction
    Compares self-perception to that of boss(es), peers, subordinates, and others (such as customers).

  • Customized Rater Groups
    Assign rater labels such as "GM" for boss or "Associates" for staff.

  • Results are Easy to Understand
    Scores, charts, and comments are intuitive and clear.

  • Unlimited Report Access
    Feedback anonymous and constructive and it arrives in a downloadable, online report.

  • Goal-Tracking and E-learning
    E-learning activities teach new skills and our Goal-Tracking System tracks your progress.

How it Works

360° Refined is a 360° assessment that's fast, clear, and complete. The 75 clickable questions and four open-ended questions take just 15-20 minutes to complete. You control the process via an administration page where you send reminders and watch the responses come in, creating the feedback report at the click of a button. The feedback report maps out strengths, areas for improvement, and differences between self/other perceptions of behavior.

Why it Works

The 360° Refined 360° assessment was designed and validated by a team of industrial psychologists that are experts in leadership and behavioral assessment. The test is the result of a ten-year research process that separated the 22 leadership skills that get results from those that are inconsequential or even harmful. 360° Refined is both reliable and valid in assessing leadership skills that are essential to job performance and a massive normative database stands behind the scores.

Customized 360° Surveys

We provide competency modeling services, assessment authoring, and assessment automation to everyone from the Fortune 500 companies to Training and Development enterprises like the Ken Blanchard Companies.

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